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New Move supported games announced – including Gran Turismo 5

Submitted by on Sunday, 14 March 20109 Comments

It seems that Sony is fighting hard against the stigma that all motion control games are casual.

The US PlayStation website has listed the games that will feature Move support so far – and it includes a couple of surprises.

The biggest name on the list has to be Gran Turismo 5.  This game is well known for being one of the most hardcore games around, so Sony is clearly making a statement by giving it a motion control option.

Is this the right choice though?  Whilst the game controls sublimely with a steering wheel, we aren’t convinced that motion control will provide the feel needed to get the best from the game.

Obviously nothing has been seen yet, so we may well get proven wrong – fingers crossed.

Other games of note are ModNation Racers and Split/Second: Velocity.  It seems driving games are getting a lot of love!

Add in SOCOM 4 and a tidy little list of ‘hardcore’ games is starting to emerge.

Does this give you more faith in the direction of the Move?