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Neo Geo games head to the PSN

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 March 2010One Comment

Retro heads rejoice as it appears that Neo Geo games are on their way to the PSN – although perhaps not the titles you would want.

The ESRB ratings list Alpha Mission II, Baseball Stars Professional, League Bowling and Super Sidekick as heading towards our black box of tricks as well as the PSP.

For some of the younger PS3 Attitude readers, let us transport you back in time for a brief glimpse of what many deem to be an underrated set of consoles.

The Neo Geo AES cart system was released back in 1990, and took an arcade motherboard and placed it in a console casing.  The original system featured a Motorola 68000 16-bit processor and a Multi-Link, where two Neo Geo home systems could be linked together via a cable.

The Neo Geo CD was released in 1994, featuring the same hardware as the cart system, but with a CD medium.  This made games cheaper, but unfortunately it had very long load speeds.

mmmmmmmm.....old skool

The Neo Geo CDZ was only ever released in Japan, and was pretty much the same as the Neo Geo CD, but with faster loading speeds.

Some of the games for these systems have gone down in history, and can fetch up to £1000.  Even the less popular games sell for £40.

Whilst the batch of games listed by the ESRB isn’t exactly thrilling, we hope they are but the first in a wave of awesome titles.

King of Fighters? Blazing Star? Metal Slug?  Yes please.