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Pachter: Valve ignoring the PS3 is a ‘mistake’

Submitted by on Monday, 22 March 20103 Comments

The business practises of Valve are coming under scrutiny from industry analyst Michael Pachter.  The Wedbush Morgan analyst believes that Valve’s continued absence from the PS3 is a “mistake”.

Aside from a substandard port of The Orange Box, Valve have continually snubbed the PlayStation platform. They claim that the PS3 architecture is too complex for what they want to do, and that their team is too small to handle the task.

Valve’s excuses don’t appear to cut the mustard with Pachter.

“I still kinda wonder about companies like Valve that seem to not be interested in the PS3. I think that’s kind of a mistake, because they are a first rate, you know, world class developers…”

“I think that they could make some games that could really do well on the PS3.”

Some people think that analysts just state the obvious, and they are probably right, but we believe Pachter has a point here. We cannot understand why Valve would not be interested in having their fantastic games reach a wider audience.

With a team of only around 150 employees, Valve are a small company. We accept this, but we see few signs that they want to expand. It’s common practise in the games industry for a company to allow an outside developer to handle a project which they don’t have the resources to do themselves.

Is there really no company willing to help Valve out by porting Left 4 Dead onto the PS3?