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PixelJunk Eden’s Baiyon creating music visualizer for PS3

Submitted by on Sunday, 21 March 2010No Comment

Those of you who loved the combination of visuals and music in PixelJunk Eden will be glad to know that Japanese artist Baiyon, the guy responsible, is teaming up with Q-Games to make a music visualizer for the PS3.

Q-Games has made a visualizer for the PS3 before. With firmware update 2.1, the Earth visualisation was released, allowing us to get glorious views of the Earth as seen from space with data taken from NASA’s Blue Marble Project.

Baiyon’s visualizer won’t be quite like that though. Distributed on the PSN, it will be a standalone application, rather than built into the PS3’s firmware, more like .deTuned than anything else.

This is great news for our trophy hounds, and just as great for lovers of these art projects.

What do you think? Would you want to see another PJ Eden rather than a visualizer? Post your opinion below!