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PlayStation Move attachment confirmed

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 March 2010One Comment

Sony has confirmed that a gameplay enhancing attachment will be released for the PlayStation Move – say hello to the Sub-Controller.

Ok, so the name is pretty bland, and makes those of us in the UK think of the Children’s TV show Thomas the Tank Engine – but what can it do?

The easiest way to describe it is its like what the nunchuck is to the Wii remote.  The Sub-Controller is wireless, has an analogue stick and face buttons and will sync up with the Move.

By using the Sub-Controller, certain genres of games – such as FPS’s – should be made a lot easier to play as it will take care of the moving and firing, whilst the Move will concentrating on the aiming.  Those who have played certain Wii games, such as Metroid, will know this system can be very rewarding if done right.

The downsides are obvious, yet more plastic peripherals scattered about the house – and of course, an additional cost.  Those who forked out £35+ for a Wii remote and nunchuck will know that pain.

It looks odd - but we have high hopes!

How do you all feel about the direction the PlayStation Move is taking?  Already the haters are claiming it to be a Wii rip-off and failure.  There’s no denying the whole set up is very similar to the Wii, but if the games are good and the price is right, then sign us up.