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PlayStation survey hints at Resistance 3

Submitted by on Sunday, 28 March 20105 Comments

A survey sent to PlayStation owners has fueled speculation that Resistance 3 is on the way. The survey asks interviewees if they believe that Resistance 3 is in development, and if so how likely they would be to buy it.

It’s a clear attempt to gauge the public’s interest for a new Resistance game, but why would they want to do that? Could it have something to do with E3 coming soon? hm….

The survey was posted on Joystiq:

That would be a yes to the first question and neutral to the next

The Resistance franchise has been a valuable asset for Sony, but the standards have been raised for FPS games since Resistance 2 by stand-out titles such as Killzone 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Let’s hope Insomniac are up to the challenge.

Is Resistance 3 a certainty? Would you buy it? Answer this survey in the usual place below…