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The Problem with Saves

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 March 20105 Comments

A while ago, my PS3 broke. It was terrible. There I was in the middle of Oblivion, when suddenly, everything went black. Nothing responded, and there was an ominous light; it was amber.

I managed to save my 250Gb hard drive until my new one came, but after I slid the metallic box into the plastic shell, on the screen appeared: “The Hard drive must be formatted. Do you wish to do this now?”

Obviously I selected no.

After 2 years of building up content, selecting demos, music, pictures and my saves. My saves. It was all going to be lost.

Do you know how many hours I locked up on Oblivion? Do you know how many times I played both Uncharted games, making sure I meticulously collected all the hidden treasures, trophies? Do you know how long I spent upgrading weapons in Ratchet and Clank?

All lost.

This isn’t really a cry for help. Its just a solemn farewell for all gamers who have, either through their own fault or not, had to erase their memory, and start from scratch.

Flippin’ Amber light.

This happened to me once before; I was about 14, had my phat PS2 for a while, and I had just completed Spiderman 2, one of the good movie-based games.

Of course, my little brother was even littler than he is now, so, not understanding the sacredness of my memory card, started new games all over my old 100% ones.

Not just Spiderman 2, but the original Ratchet and Clank series, Jak and Daxter, even Rayman 2, one of the most expansive and challenging games ever.

Of course I was miffed. But I suppose it was my fault. I should have given him his own card from the start. But I learned from that mistake, even if I never quite recovered.

The main problem is that saves are kept on the hard drive. This leaves for all sorts of problems: hard drive corruption, emigrating form one PS3 to another, the hard drive physically breaking etc.

But if they were kept and managed online, then all security would be retained. Similar to the Trophy system, every time you save your game, the PS3 syncs to an online space, uploading your save and preventing you from gouging your eyes out in frustration.

Obviously, the main objection to that would be “not everyone has an internet connection”. Well, maybe it could be an optional feature? Some people manage their saves from an external hard drive. Personally, it seems like too much hassle when a simpler method could be integrated into the firmware.

However, until then, I guess this is just a warning for future gamers:

If you put time and effort into it, then


(Its not all bad though, I just remembered that in Oblivion I had an unfinishable quest. Now I can create the Perfect Game Character!)

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