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PS3 is the lead console for Medal of Honor

Submitted by on Wednesday, 24 March 2010One Comment

Smell that?  It’s the smell of change.  Following on from Platinum Games announcement that the PS3 is the lead console for Vanquish, EA has now said that Medal of Honor development will also be led on the PS3.

Are developers finally starting to see sense?

Don’t get us wrong – we aren’t trying to start a ‘PS3 Vs Xbox 360’ flame war.  We are fully aware the PS3 can be a pain to work with, and the fact developers are using it as lead console is great news as it means we won’t be saddled with rushed, inferior ports – are you listening Valve?

Speaking to CVG, EALA creative director Richard Farrelly had the following to say;

“We’re leading on PS3, we’ve developed the game on PS3.

We’re working hard to deliver the exact same experience across all platforms. I think for me the most important thing is for everyone that plays Medal Of Honor is satisfied… I guess the benefit to the PS3 owner is that we’re leading on it, so we’ll maximise what that platform can do for our game.”

We can’t quite see how all versions can be the same, and yet maximise the PS3 at the same time – we guess time will tell on that one.

What are your opinions on the PS3 as lead console?