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Twitter prizes anyone? PSFree Attitude for 2nd March 2010

Submitted by on Tuesday, 2 March 20102 Comments

It is Tuesday, and you know what that means, don’t you?

Yes, today and repeating every Tuesday, PS3 Attitude becomes PSFree Attitude, where we give away great prizes to you, our delectable readers, via the medium of Twitter.

As usual we’ll be giving away all sorts of freebies to our loyal Twitter followers every week with prizes ranging from PSN codes for new games and DLC to physical swag that we have here at Attitude Towers.

We told you it was a good time to be following us on Twitter, didn’t we?

Normally, here’s how PSFree Attitude works every week.

1. Follow us on Twitter

2. We’ll publish details of the next giveaway on Twitter

3. You follow the instructions

4. You find the answers

5. First to claim the prize is the winner

Since we’re a global team with a worldwide audience, we have PSN codes and swag to give away for various regions. Read our Tweets carefully to make sure you are going for a code you can actually use.

If you claim a code for a region outside of the one you live in, there is nothing we can do if your download won’t work on your PS3 – sorry.

Today’s competition is now closed!

We had two sets of the following prizes available across both the US and EU regions today, courtesy of our friends at SEGA:

  • A SEGA reusable plastic container (otherwise know as a plastic bag!)
  • A copy of StormRise for the PlayStation 3
  • An Iron Man T-shirt (size M)
  • A Weyland Yutani lanyard

A 'storming' prize pack... do you see what we did there?

We’d like to offer our congratulations to both @Simonho92 and @Simmy_82 who walk away with today’s @SEGA prize pack! Well done!

Keep on following @PS3Attitude for weekly giveaways. And because we’re nice people…