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Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 March 2010One Comment

First we got the Lost in Nightmares DLC, a trip through memory lane filled with classic Resident Evil surprises and the new yet not too difficult Guardian of Insanity enemy. Now we get the Desperate Escape DLC, a complete 180 from the former where you’ll find yourself flooded with every type of Majini possible and will be begging for a nuke, even if it means your untimely death.

Experienced veteran Jill Valentine and BSAA agent Josh Stone must escape the Tricell facility while Chris and Sheva go after Wesker. Be prepared to put up a fight as these Majini want you to stay forever. The developers created Desperate Escape as a challenge for gamers and boy, what a challenge it is.

Much like Lost in Nightmares, Desperate Escape is split into various sections or chapters. You’ll find yourself moving through what appears to be a military base filled with trucks, barricades, and grenade launching platforms. Your goal is to make it to the roof of one of the buildings so Doug can pick the two of you up and fly to safety. Sounds like a walk in the park, right? Well you’re wrong, so very wrong.

From your initial step out into the yard until the final moments before you get in the chopper, wave after wave of Majini will rush at you. Be prepared to face the worst of the worst as well. Chainsaws, Gatling Guns, Executioners, and even Reapers all make getting to that rooftop one of the most difficult tasks.

Progressing usually means one step forward and then about five steps backward so you can clear that mass of enemies that just appeared. Thankfully, you’ll collect quite an arsenal of weapons. We found the PSG-1 rifle particularly useful in the second, more open chapter and the M3 shotgun works wonders when you’re waiting for Doug to arrive on the roof. Top it off with the Smith & Wesson Model 29 for the larger enemies and you should be able to make it out alive. We say “should” because you probably won’t, at least not the first time.

Purchasing Desperate Escape also unlocks two more characters for Mercenaries Reunion; Josh Stone and Rebecca Chambers. The final two characters can be acquired by purchasing the latest costume pack off the PSN Store. Even if you don’t have all eight, there’s some enjoyment you can get from the new additions.

Desperate Escape doesn’t bring anything new to Resident Evil 5 and will most likely frustrate you even more for not being able to run-and-gun. It’s there for the hardcore fans who beat the game on Professional with an S ranking or get a 150 combo on Mercenaries. No doubt there will be those who think that it’s a walk in the park, but for the majority of us, we’ll be lucky to say we made it out alive on Veteran.