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Skinny could bring non-game apps to PS3

Submitted by on Wednesday, 17 March 20104 Comments

Sony have been showing off a new tool to developers at their GDC expo booth in San Francisco. Develop-Online say it’s a one day turn around device that allows creators to make non-game apps such as eMagazines and training manuals.

Apps could potentially be distributed over the PSN and used on your PS3 or PSP. The tool, named Skinny, is said to be able to create an app in under a day, but they will have to go through the same clearing process that games currently do.

It has long been rumoured that Sony would look to bring non-game apps to the PSN. Apps have been integral to the success of the iPhone, Apple’s irritating catchphrase “there’s an app for that” reflects the thousands of apps currently on the Apple store.

Skinny is said to be perfect for,

“strategy guides, game maps and cheats, training manuals, episodic videos and the like, eBooks and eMagazines, comics and event content (such as show guides to download for stadiums or conferences).”

We always welcome more content to the PSN, but we hope Sony take steps to ensure that any apps that make it to the store are of sufficient quality. No one wants the level of shovelware that the iPhone App Store has.