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SOCOM 4 announced for autumn release

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 March 20104 Comments

After speculation from gamers, we now know the identity of the game to be ‘revealed’ on GameTrailers TV.

Sony has decided to announce it early and the new game to release this autumn/fall is… SOCOM 4.

That’s right, it wasn’t Resistance 2, Killzone 3 or Starhawk after all, but another SOCOM game.

As you may know, the last game on the PS3 receive a mixed reception, perhaps because it was rushed to meet the deadline. However, we’re certain that Sony will not want to make the same mistake again.

The game will also be back in the hands of Zipper, who are all too familiar with the SOCOM franchise, and are of course behind the brilliant MAG.

The details on the game are scarce obviously, but they have told us that you will lead an elite five-man squad to stop a militant revolutionary who has taken control of a South Asian country.

IGN has published an exclusive preview of the game where they reveal that SOCOM 4 will contain a total of fourteen mission, lasting around twelve hours to complete.

If this is a close resemblance of the final product, the game will look stunning

But obviously it’s SOCOM and so as well as the single player there will be 32-man multiplayer as we expected – although since it’s Zipper maybe we should have anticipated more?

The trailer will be revealed tonight on GameTrailers TV, and can we say that we’re supper excited, especially because Zipper will be behind it.