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Socom 4 trailer reveals a world in chaos

Submitted by on Friday, 5 March 2010No Comment

A trailer for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs has been posted on Gamestrailers. It follows on from IGN’s announcement yesterday, that revealed that the “surprise sequel” that has been getting hyped all week was indeed a new SOCOM game.

The trailer begins by showing an aircraft carrier on fire before switching to footage of the Navy SEALs caught in an intense firefight in an urban environment. The tagline pops up: “In a world of chaos.”

The fight continues, with the SEALs taking out a handful of enemies by blowing up a truck with a grenade launcher. The team then attempt to escape into a building where the team is almost undone by an enemy soldier lying in wait inside.

The screen goes dark. Two shots can be heard. The next screen reveals that the gunfire came from the SEALs. The trailer ends with the team of five standing in pose, in the dark room, in a nonchalant manner as though this was just another day at the office.

The trailer reveals nothing in terms of gameplay. What it does tell us is that we should expect an action packed SOCOM played over a Hollywood storyline. The SOCOM series has prided itself on being a tactical orientated game. Have Zipper been influenced by the success of Call of Duty and decided to go for an all-out fragfest?

We’ll keep you informed as more details emerge. In the meantime, check the trailer out for yourself below…