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Sonic 4 fans will be pleased with Episode 2’s cast

Submitted by on Monday, 8 March 2010One Comment

Yes you read the title correctly.  Despite making a big song and dance about Sonic being the only playable character, it has been announced that Sonic 4 Episode 2 will feature a ‘cast’ of characters.

Please form an orderly queue to bang your head against the nearest brick wall.

We still have faith though, that it will only be Tails and Knuckles – the characters fans actually want to see.

When quizzed by Game Informer about this, SEGA’s Takashi Iizuka had the following to say;

 “Fans will be very pleased with the cast in Episode 2.”

Now that could mean anything from the inclusion of Tails and Knuckles, to the introduction of brand new ‘friends’ like Darius the dung beetle, or Stephen the stick insect.

Please SEGA, don’t mess this up – we actually want this game to succeed, and so far things have looked really positive.

And for your information, if there is any sign of Big the Cat we will be sending out the snipers to take care of him.