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Sony regrets rejecting Demon’s Souls

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 March 2010No Comment

We all have regrets.  That tingly, annoying sensation at the back of your head when you see that an opportunity you passed on has succeeded and flourished.

This is exactly what Sony is feeling right now whenever someone mentions Demon’s Souls – the game that got away.

Developed by From Software, the game is an action combat RPG set in a very bleak world, pitting you against various rather cross demons.

Demon’s Souls pace is deliberately slow.  Run in with swords swinging and you’re going to end up with an appendage or three missing.  Tactics are the key here – figuring out an enemy’s weak spot before it makes you sorry you were so slow.

The games aim is to kick your ass – constantly.  People have described it as one of the most relentless, brutal and hardcore games they have ever played.

Because of this it has won a legion of fans, selling nearly 250,000 copies if reports are to be believed.  It has even topped many sites top game of 2009.

Yep - you're going to die now.

Sony passed up the chance to publish the game, as it seemed too niche.  In all honesty we might have done the same.  Atlus took the gamble instead, and hasn’t regretted it.

Speaking about rejecting the game at GDC, Sony Japan Studios rep Yeonkyung Kim had the following to say;

“That was a mistake.  It should have come out as a first-party title”

So far Japan and America have been lucky enough to get this game released.  No word on a European date though – good job the PS3 is region free, as it is more than worthy of your hard earned cash.