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Sony patents the degradable demo

Submitted by on Friday, 5 March 20104 Comments

Sony has filed a patent detailing a new type of demo – one that we find most degrading.

Demo games can be a bit hit and miss.  Taking a slice of a game, which is usually out of context, can lead to negative reactions and lost sales.

It seems Sony agrees, and they have patented a type of demo that gets worse as you play.  Sounds weird?  Then read on.

An example we can think of would be Gran Turismo 5.  Under the new demo rules you would get 100% of cars and tracks the first time you played.  Play it again the next day though and you might only have 80%.  It continues in this fashion until you only have the skeleton of the full game remaining.

The patent also suggests the demo could come on a physical media, meaning that you would only need to download an unlock key to access the complete game again.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Admittedly it will work better for some genres than others – but overall it’s nice to see Sony thinking outside of the (degradable) box.