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Sony wins court case over visually impaired gamer

Submitted by on Monday, 1 March 20102 Comments

In October 2009 GameSpot reported that a man was suing Sony, Sony Online Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment of America for allegedly not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as its virtual worlds were not easy to navigate for visually impaired people.

On February 8th the court ruled in favour of Sony, but was it right to?

The nature and severity of Alexander Stern’s impairment was never made clear, but he claimed that he contacted Sony multiple times requesting that they modify its games – but was ignored.

The feature that Stern was most interested in was the addition of visual cues to point out destinations for gamers with “disability impaired visual processing”.

The argument behind the case was that the games in question constituted a public accommodation – the judge presiding over the case disagreed, stating that Sony “is not a place of public accommodation”.

Do you think this is a fair decision?  After all, games like Left4Dead and Peggle have a range of modes for the colour blind – would a few visual indicators really be such a difficult step?

As always, the comments box awaits.