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Super Street Fighter IV – The final character revealed, meet Hakan

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 March 2010One Comment

The final new character featured in Super Street Fighter IV has finally been revealed. The official price for the game has also been confirmed.

IGN’s daily fix video not only announces Hakan (at the 52 second mark), but it also shows what he looks like. He apparently covers himself in oil before each fight and uses that to his advantage. Hakan is pretty muscular and it seems like he might be a grappler character.

We added the official trailer to the top of the page, so be sure to check it out. It’s probably one of the oddest trailers we have seen in quite some time. Especially since it’s for a Street Fighter game. We’re not sure if we should be taking this character seriously or not, but he certainly is unique.

Below is a Hakan vs Juri trailer:

Hakan has been a rumored character for ages now and it’s great that he is finally confirmed. Hopefully he isn’t a joke character. Capcom finally announced that Super Street Fighter IV will be available on store shelves for only $39.99. Not bad!

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