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Super Street Fighter IV – Hakan detailed

Submitted by on Saturday, 20 March 2010No Comment

Hakan oil coaster e1269070014805 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailedAzrael has once again translated the latest post from the Super Street Fighter IV developer blog. This time, newcomer Hakan is discussed in detail.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the SSFIV news, Hakan is the final character added to the game. He’s a Turkish oil wrestler that uses the oil to his advantage.

In the video above we get to see Seth Killian giving a walkthrough for the character. You’ll notice that he has some interesting concepts that are unique to only him, like being able to slide while doing his focus attack.

In the blog it is revealed that Hakan has a low jump and this makes it difficult for him to go over fireballs. Hakan can, however, slide under projectiles and that will help him avoid getting hit. It seems like oiling up will be necessary in order to utilize his full potential. Based on the walkthrough it appears that you only need a few seconds to become slippery, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

As always, the blog is incredibly detailed so be sure to read it in its entirety.

I hope everyone is doing well. This is Tsukamoto.

The new character has finally been announced! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day. Today, we’ll be talking about Hakan’s moves and functionality with director Okada and the man-in-charge, Sano.

– First, tell us the details about how Hakan came to be.

When development of SSFIV first started, we’d decided on 2 new characters. Then, the development team figured having 1 female and 1 male would be the best balance, and fairly quickly we decided that the female would take on the lead role. But it took quite a while to figure out the male’s concept. Of course, the guy we’re talking about here is Hakan.

Since we moved ahead with our character considerations from Juri, we’d thought “a Korean taekwondo fighter with a dark image…would that be a guy character?!”. We worried a lot about their home country as well as their fighting style.

We wanted to give Hakan a fresh new fighting style, so we checked out various fighting styles from around the world, and what eventually caught our eye was Yagli gures. It was also a bonus that this fighting style is from Turkey. Street Fighter is all about fighters coming together from all over the world, right? So this time, we wanted to spotlight an area we hadn’t featured before. So for that, Turkey is good.

– What kind of sport is Yagli gures?

Hakan blog e1269069740649 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

It’s a type of wrestling that is often referred to as “oil wrestling”. It’s a fighting style where they are bare at the torso, and they wear special pants made from water buffalo leather. I think many not many people in Japan are familiar with it, but its the national sport of Turkey and major enough to be broadcast on national television. The rules are basically the same as regular wrestling, but its defining characteristic is that they lather up in oil and make themselves more slippery, and then have the match.

Using the oil really changes a wrestling match, as their bodies become more slippery and much harder to grab onto. As it takes a lot of power to grab someone in that state, Yagli gures requires more hand and arm strength than normal wrestling. Of course, there are also techniques unique to the sport. So Yagli gures fighters may look smaller than regular wrestlers at a glance, but really their hand and arm strength is something else.

– How did the development team feel about Yagli gures?

We couldn’t get a lot of materials about Yagli gures, so our biggest concern was how to get a fighting style we weren’t really familiar with into Street Fighter. However, the designer was fascinated by it (laughs). Yagli gures is a very impacting fighting style, so we felt that if we could pull it off in the game it would be really interesting.

– Please tell us about making Hakan’s moves.

First off, Yagli gures is a fighting style that’s about grappling, so we make Hakan a character who is centered around throws. As for the moves themselves, as Yagli gures is also known as oil wrestling, we decided that his moves should utilize the oil in some way. The guys in charge spent a lot of time worrying about how to utilize the oil. Some of the ideas at that time were to have both Hakan and his opponent become oily and slippery, or for attacks such as Yoga Fire to burn him easily…

We thought of a lot of things, but most of them put Hakan at a disadvantage (laughs).

Hakan fire e1269069784619 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

We finally arrived at having the oil improve the performance of his moves, but it took quite a while to get to that point.

– As there are other grappler characters in SSFIV, what did you do to make Hakan stand out?

For connecting his biggest weapons, his throws – well, this is the same for Zangief and T.Hawk as well, but I feel Hakan is particularly good at it – more than just drawing his opponents in he’s good at getting close to them and staying there. Also, he’s got to be really good at reading his opponent’s movements, so he’s a bit different from the other grappler characters here.

Yes, unlike Zangief who can just say “if my opponent is on the ground, spinning pile driver!”, Hakan’s throws have to be matched up with his opponent’s movements.

– What do you mean by throws where he gets in close and stays there?

Let’s look at his Oil Dive as an example. To put it simply, he sort of throws himself at his opponent, and if he is able to catch them then he gets the throw. But that’s not all to it – if you hold down the button during input, you can delay the timing of the move. Also, it catches airborne opponents as well, so its a good way to limit your opponent’s options.

Hakan oil dive e1269069912734 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

– Which of his special moves would you recommend?

Out of all his moves, I’m going to go with the Oil Shower! It looks like a meaningless act to pour oil over his head, but really it gives him a powerup that’s necessary for victory. I’d say its important enough so that if you don’t know how to use it properly you won’t be able to beat your opponents.

– What kind of powerups does the Oil Shower give?

If you think that when Hakan does his Oil Shower his functionality improves, that’s the easiest way to understand it. So a basic part of his character is going to be figuring out ways to oil up. So Oil Shower will probably be the most used move.

When Hakan does Oil Shower, his damage output increases, his throw range improves, and other ways in which his functionality gets better. The biggest characteristic is that when he is charging his Focus Attack, he can slide forwards or backwards. So for example, you can slide forward while charging to close the gap between your opponent, or slide backwards to make your opponent’s attack whiff. So now this becomes useful for both offense and defense.

Hakan oil shower e1269069987183 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

– Tell us about his other special moves.

After Oil Shower which increases his abilities, and the Oil Dive we talked about before, there’s the Oil Sliding and the Oil Rocket as his main special moves. For Oil Sliding, this is an attack move where he slides along the ground on his stomach – it goes under projectiles, so this is a great way of getting in close. Next is the Oil Rocket, a grab move where he grabs his opponent and with his oilyness and pops them up into the air. The strength of the button used changes the damage output and the distance the opponent flies, so figuring out how to use them will be important. For example, if you use the fierce version it gives for higher damage, but the opponent falls close to Hakan, so he could be in danger of counteratack. If you use the jab version the damage is less but they go flying farther.

– Okay, now please tell us about Hakan’s ultras.

First the Oil Coaster – think of it as a powered up version of the Oil Rocket. He pops the opponent up into the air, and then slides them into a wall. If you can think of some good setups for it, its a very dependable move.

Oil Coaster has a wide range of usefulness. For example, if you corner your opponent, using it here is pretty effective.

Hakan oil coaster e1269070014805 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

– And how about his other ultra?

Ah, the Oil Combination. Personally, I like this one the best. When you activate it, Hakan lays down on the floor and waits for his opponent to fall into him. For Ryu players who like to do a lot of Shoryukens, or Cammy where much of her moves are air-based, this is very effective. Also, Hakan is invincible until right before he stands up, so I believe Oil Combination is the right choice against jumping opponents. It’s not just functional, but watching it will also make you laugh.

– Is this a counter ultra?

It works similar to a counter ultra in that you want to bait out your opponent’s attack, but its not a counter ultra.

Oil Combination Hold is an air grab.

If you can read when your opponent is going to jump, you can catch them with it. If you just throw it out randomly, Hakan just lays down on the ground and your opponent will think “Man, what’s this guy doing?” (laughs)

Hakan combination hold e1269070042732 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

Hakan’s ultras have their own unique personality to them, so please definitely try both and choose the one that best suits you.

I like Oil Coaster, but if someone picks Oil Combination Hold then I’m going to be on the lookout for it. (laughs) He also has moves which get his opponent to leave the ground.

– Are there any other SSFIV characters who have a similar execution feel?

I think maybe no. He’s not quite as stoic as Zangief or all-purpose as T.Hawk, so in terms of strength his execution is maybe between Gief and Hawk. He’s very tricky, so if you try to do the same things over and over again its not going to work. If you like thinking up various attack plans, then I would recommend him to you.

Hakan doesn’t have any projectiles, so does he have a weakness against fireball characters?

Hakan’s jump is pretty low, so if I had to pick I’d say its not his speciality.

However, opposed to characters who have to jump over fireballs, he has his Oil Sliding which goes under fireballs, and Guard Position, which is similar to Blanka’s move where he drops to the ground to avoid attacks. If you can use these moves well then you have several anti-fireball strategies.

Hakan avoid fireball e1269070070848 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

So I don’t think he has too much trouble with that. Fireballs will be a bit tough, but not very difficult.

– So then Hakan doesn’t sweat long distances too much. What would you say is Hakan’s best distance?

His best distance is one where the opponents attacks just miss him, so that would be mid-range I believe. As he also needs space to do his Oil Shower, he starts off at mid range and then moves from there. Of course, he gets his most damage up close.

For example, Zangief’s best ranges are up close and then right in your face. So like that, Hakan’s best ranges are up close and then mid range. In order to improve your attacking power you gotta oil up, and if you’re too close you can’t, so this range decreases some of that burden. So leaving a bit of space between you and your opponent is the best way to fight I think.

– So then, if we are fighting against Hakan, we should try to attack him when he’s going for the Oil Shower?

But if you get too close to Hakan, he’ll throw you. (laughs). Too close and your normals lose, and too far and he gets to use Oil Shower.

– Seems like Hakan will be a tough fight.

There aren’t really any distances that he hates. Up close is where he can hit you with his power, mid-range is his normal range where he can regulate your movements, and from far range he gets to improve his abilities. He’s got moves for all the distances. If you can properly use his attacks in the right situation, you’ll be able to bring out Hakan’s true strength.

Would you say he’s suited for beginner, intermediate, or advanced players?

As we just talked about him needing to know exactly how to read his opponents, I believe he’s intermediate to advanced. His moves themselves are simple, so at first everyone can enjoy using him, but when its time to get serious you need to be able to read your opponent’s movements and react to them, so in that way I feel he’s more for the advanced crowd.

– Do you have any remarks to everyone who is looking forward to him?

I feel like we finally got a down-and-dirty Street Fighter in the game! I wouldn’t go as far to say that he continues the legacy of orthodox Street Fighter characters, but as the concept is one of that you may see at a worldwide surprise show, for those fans who wanted the down-and-dirty character, please give him a try. While his attacks look comical, it really makes for a stoic fight and if you get comfortable with how to use him it makes for a really interesting battle.

Hakan attack e1269070098623 Super Street Fighter IV   Hakan detailed

For those who have liked Street Fighter since back in the day, definitely give him a try. There may be people who blow him off just based on how he looks, but we’ve given all of his moves proper functionality, so once you use them you can understand the depth.

Well everyone, did you enjoy this week’s entry?

For those of you who want to give him a shot! The feeling you’ll get with you win with him will be really great! Please use him! I’ll recommend him! …Well, I recommend all the characters, but this week is about Hakan!

Well then, next week we’ll be continuing on with Hakan and talking about his appearance and sounds.

See you next week!

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