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Supermarkets and high street retailers start pre-owned games trade

Submitted by on Thursday, 4 March 20105 Comments

It has been confirmed that Argos, Tesco and ASDA have all started a pre-owned games trade service – should GAME be worried?

Everyone has an opinion about pre-owned games.  Some people prefer to buy brand new, whilst others prefer to save a bit of money and get a used copy.

It is big business though, as money made from pre-owned games bypasses the developer and goes straight to the retail outlet.

It seems that Argos, Tesco and ASDA have all woken up to this fact, and are keen to see if it will take off in their stores.

Argos will be trialling the service in 27 of its 735 stores.  At the moment it is only accepting certain games, but the trade in values are at least on a par with places such as GAME.  The big hook is that you can trade a game in against anything in the Argos catalogue.

As of last week, ASDA in Leeds Living store at Crown Point has been offering a trade in service too, and Tesco has begun rolling out their strategy across multiple stores.

What are your thoughts on these retail giants stepping in to the pre-owned arena?  We have to admit, that Argos deal sounds tempting – Attitude Towers is in dire need of a new sofa.