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“Surprise” Sony sequel to be revealed Thursday on GameTrailers TV

Submitted by on Wednesday, 3 March 20106 Comments

Here’s some news to get you excited. GameTrailers TV has revealed that their latest episode which airs on Thursday will reveal a brand new “surprise” sequel to a Sony franchise.

This follows host Geoff Keighley’s teasing of an announcement shortly on his Twitter after last week’s show that was dedicated to PS3 exclusive God of War III.

In response to a fan’s amazement of the game’s visuals, he had this to say:

Wait until you see what they are doing next….very soon on GTTV!

Not only on Thursday will the new game be revealed, we will see a trailer too, although we doubt it will be anymore than a non-revealing teaser.

So this leaves the question… what is the new game?

Here at PS3 Attitude we try and stay away from rumour and speculation, so we’ll leave it to you instead in the comments section.

But soon enough we will know for sure!