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Survey reveals Gamers have active social lives

Submitted by on Friday, 26 March 20102 Comments

A study conducted in the US earlier this month by media agency Giant Realm has suggested that contrary to popular belief, gamers as a whole aren’t overweight, acne-ridden young men with a penchant for junk food and a shrinking circle of anti-social friends.

Administered earlier this month to more than 2,700 men aged 18-34 years, the survey found that 75% of respondents had at least one gaming console in their home. Of the men surveyed those 75% who identified themselves as gamers were actually more likely than the non-gamers to go for meals out, go to the cinema, or go out on dates.

As gamers do we feel heartened when reports like this come out and disprove the negative perceptions that surround our hobby, or are we merely quietly horrified that such a quantity of negative perceptions still persist to make such surveys necessary? The Giant Realm Gamer Lifestyle Study, to give it its full title, targeted some of the larger misconceptions and connotations that surround the idea of the average gamer. Namely that gamers are unfit, socially awkward individuals who are hopeless with the opposite sex and who exhibit below average personal hygiene.

The results, below, predictably show these stereotypes to be woefully inaccurate:

  • Two-thirds (67.4%) of gamers have gone out with friends in the past week, compared to 54.9% of non-gamers.
  • Gamers are more likely than non-gamers to use a number of personal care/grooming products, including deodorant, shaving products, body wash, disposable razors and hair grooming/styling products.
  • Gamers are even more likely than non-gamers to hit the gym (28.1% vs. 22.1%).
  • One-third of gamers have gone out on a date in the past week compared to only one-quarter of non-gamers (35.6% vs. 25.1%).

Of course here at Attitude Towers we could have told you all of that anyway, but it is always nice to know we’re not completely alone as a voice of reason.

To close here is the glowing assessment of gamers given by Giant Realm’s president James Green:

Gamers are the leaders and innovators of today. They are social, they are more active online than any other segment of society and they are more likely to influence their peers than the other way around.

So do we think that The Sun will be running an article on these findings any time in the near future?