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Switzerland to ban violent games

Submitted by on Monday, 22 March 2010One Comment

In mid February, two resolutions were passed in Switzerland.  The first made the purchase of any game not carrying a PEGI age rating illegal, and required stricter rules on the requirements of ID.

The second resolution was the more interesting one, although it passed with a split vote of nine to three.  It potentially gave the Swiss government the power to ban violent games.  As the vote was split The Swiss Law Commission sought input on the issue from retail and industry bodies before presenting this to government.

Unfortunately a month on and this resolution has now passed as law – but what does it mean?

The short answer is no one quite knows at the minute.  The Government has yet to decide the exact requirements that will be laid down by the new legislation.

One thing is clear though, the Swiss government now has carte blanche to introduce any measure they want to.

The most likely outcome is a total ban on anything deemed unsuitable – so PEGI 16 and 18+ games will be bid farewell.

We do wonder if the Swiss government will now take similar measures on TV or the Internet.  After all, if it’s violence they are after, we are pretty sure the Internet may have one or two unsuitable sites.