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The White Knight Chronicle: New Quests for March 25th

Submitted by on Saturday, 27 March 2010No Comment

This week in White Knight Chronicles four new quests have appeared on the world map. Gather up adventurers and prepare yourself for battle!

A few weeks ago it was announced that WKC will be receiving free new quests until the end of June. Since that announcement the following quests have been added:

Available as of March 11th

Balastor Plain

  • All in the Cards I – Guild Rank 7 – Suggested level: 36+
  • All in the Cards II – Guild Rank 10 – Suggested level: 50+

A client needs you to recover a item that was lost in the plains. All you need to do is fight a Troll, Treant or Troll King to obtain the missing card. Just make sure that you speak to the client first or else the enemies won’t spawn.

Available as of March 18th

Flandar Trail

  • Station Attendant I – Guild Rank 9 – Suggested level: 46+
  • Station Attendant II – Guild Rank 12 – Suggested level: 50+

These quests contain a series of boss battles to fight. There are no breaks between each fight, so be prepared.

Available as of March 25th

Greydall Plain

  • Desperate Defense I – Guild Rank 8 – Suggested level: 41+
  • Desperate Defense II – Guild Rank 11 – Suggested level: 50+

For these two quests you are once again fighting a wave of enemies without a break. This time though there is a guest that joins your party. As always, if the guest dies it’s game over.

Balastor Plain (available until April 7th)

  • Nocturnal Commission I – Guild Rank 9 – Suggested level: 46+
  • Nocturnal Commission II – Guild Rank 12 – Suggested level: 50+

Beasts are ravaging the land and you must stop them! In these quests you need to beat a certain amount of enemies to meet a quota. Nothing too fancy. You should be able to beat these rather easily if you meet the requirements.

Quests available from March 11th – March 24th

The Languish Desert

  • Heat Waves I – Guild Rank 8
  • Heat Waves II – Guild Rank 12

These two are no longer available. As you can see, all of the quests have high GR requirements. Each quest with the exception of Heat Waves I and II are available permanently. There is a chance that the temporary quests will make a return in the future.

There is no update required to play any the missions. You just need to start up the game and have access to the PlayStation Network. If you’re interested in gathering for an adventure, let us know.

Stay tuned for more from The White Knight Chronicle in the weeks to come.

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