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Top 5 ways to improve White Knight Chronicles

Submitted by on Monday, 1 March 20104 Comments

The reviews for White Knight Chronicles have been mixed. Even though we thought the game was good, there are obvious flaws that hinder the experience.

Level-5 made improvements to White Knight Chronicles after the game was originally released in Japan. While the story can’t be changed at this point, simple tweaks can be made to the gameplay itself.

We’ve come up with five ways that would make White Knight Chronicles a better game.

If you have not played White Knight Chronicles yet many of these concepts may be unfamiliar to you. However, if you have a basic grasp of RPGs, you should be able to understand most of the terminology used.

5. Materials need to come in large bundles

Let’s face it, finding materials is not only time consuming, but it isn’t even rewarding. Rare drops can stay the way they are. There is no need to make synthesizing easier, especially when high level equipment can be found in treasure chests during New Game +. However, what needs to be changed is the way that basic materials are gathered. When you dig at sites that contain unknown items, you barely get anything. It makes sense for items such as Gold Ore’s, but it doesn’t for pebbles or rocks.

The requirements to build parts for your HomeTown are just ridiculous. You can go through the whole game digging at every site and you still won’t be able to make anything. Unless you can’t find an item from a store, you’re better off farming for money and then just buying whatever it is you need. It’s faster, but it’s still a hassle. Buying materials in bulk is going to make you broke fast, especially if you’re trying to develop your town so that it’s bigger.

A simple fix would be to either make items cheaper, or make them available in large quantities when found. The amount of investment currently needed to specialize a town is going to put off the vast majority of gamers. Level-5 should be encouraging gamers to build great towns, not punishing them.

Sorry, I can't build you that house because I don't have 45 pebbles.

4. Rebalance the properties of attacks

You can easily get through most enemies without having to use anything more than just a simple sword slash. There are numerous strikes for each type of weapon and most of them will never be utilized in combat. Each type of attack should be rebalanced so that you are forced to use everything in your arsenal depending on what you encounter.

In the Final Fantasy series it’s well known that the enemies in the Elemental family are barely damaged by most physical strikes. Elementals are in White Knight Chronicles but they pose absolutely no threat. They don’t get aggressive unless you attack them and you can easily finish them off with just strikes. They are severely weak to their opposite element, but it’s meaningless because you don’t need to put any effort into defeating them. Why can you hurt a Fire Elemental with fire based attacks or magic? It makes no sense.

So many attacks choices and you won't even use most of them because it's pointless

3. Speed up the battle system

Simply put, attacks need to be faster. This is especially true when playing as the White Knight. The game is an active turn-based RPG but the most basic strikes should make the Combat Circle recharge faster. Battles during the story mode are heavily in your favor. When you’re the White Knight it’s practically impossible to lose and fights are just too long for their own good. It’s bad enough that you can’t do much when using the Ark, so there is no need to force the player to just stand around waiting for the inevitable.

To compensate for the speed increase, your character’s attacks should be weakened. Of course, enemies need to be buffed to discourage button mashing your way through fights. This actually brings us to our next point.

This may take awhile...

2. Enemies should deal more damage

Mages should be fearful of any physical attacks coming their way. The character that plays the role of a tank needs to utilize their abilities to keep the enemies hate off everyone else.  White Knight Chronicles has some of the same commands found in Final Fantasy XI with the exact same properties. If you use a one-handed sword you can provoke an enemy so that they focus their hate on you. This technique is largely irrelevant because the fights are so easy. The damage taken by anyone in your party can easily be recovered without worry.

Enemies have to deal more damage. Perhaps this would make soloing for EXP more difficult and that’s never a good thing. A solution would be to increase the damage done based on the amount of members in your party. This way the game is never too easy and it’s never too difficult, but it’s still challenging.

If you combine the rebalanced attack properties with faster combat and deadlier enemies, White Knight Chronicles would be a lot more entertaining.

64 DMG vs 12 DMG. Really?

1. Less Grind Please

There are twelve Guild Ranks in White Knight Chronicles. Once you reach rank seven the grind becomes ridiculous. It’s bad enough that most quests don’t even give you a sufficient amount of points. The current setup punishes gamers that can’t invest hours mindlessly doing the same quests over and over again.

In order to gain a good amount of Guild Points, you need to do higher level quests. The gap between levels absolutely needs to be decreased. It’s pointless reaching Guild Rank 12 if there is nobody to party with. There is no reason why any sane person should be doing the same quest over a hundred times just to grind to the next level. That’s just absurd and yet it happens.

Leveling up your character can be just as tedious. There are 50 levels to obtain and you have the ability to reincarnate your avatar. A rebirth sets you back to level 35. You get 40 extra skill points to use during the first four reincarnations. As you can imagine, this will take up a lot of your time. Just like with guild points, the best way to level up is to repeatedly play one of the quests until you go insane.

After slaughtering hundreds of Kibbles, it’s obvious that something needs to done to make the experience less monotonous. The solution is to either give more experience points per battle in all quests, or to decrease the amount needed to level up.

You will be seeing this mission a lot.

Version Update or Sequel?

The above changes all involve tweaking numbers to fix the balance of the game. One option is for Level-5 to develop a patch to fix these problems. We’ve seen Naughty Dog do similar things with Uncharted 2’s online multiplayer mode. The damage done by guns have been modified numerous times and gamers are constantly giving Naughty Dog feedback. Since White Knight Chronicles has a built in Message Board, Level-5 can use GeoNet to further interact with their fans.

These changes might frustrate current players. If you obtained a high Guild Rank, you might get angry if the requirements were suddenly cut in half . The benefits of these tweaks though are far greater than a few raging fans. The game will not only be more engaging for newcomers, but it will also allow for more adventurers to play high level quests together. Considering how the game would actually be more challenging, hardcore players would probably enjoy it a lot more.

It’s no secret that White Knight Chronicles 2 is currently in production. If all else fails, hopefully Level-5 can learn from their mistakes and create an epic sequel that addresses these issues.

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