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Vanquish details emerge; going to be hotter than the sun

Submitted by on Sunday, 7 March 20102 Comments

Platinum Games have updated their website with new information on the futuristic sci-fi shooter, Vanquish. It’s been a while since we were teased with the initial trailer, learning that it was San Francisco that was seen being obliterated on the news. Now we also know that it was Russia who was behind the attack.

It’s the near-future, and Russia and the United States are the two global superpowers, fighting over the world’s depleting resources. The US has been able to construct a space station that harnesses the sun’s energy and Russia decides it wants in on the station, taking it over and using its power to destroy San Francisco. Now the US must put a stop to the Russian’s plans by sending Sam, the ultimate weapon, to the space station before they can destroy their next target, New York, and then presumably the world.

Sam isn’t your ordinary super-soldier either. Surrounded by a futuristic battle suit giving him superhuman strength and agility, he has a massive arsenal of weapons at his disposal. The man is also highly skilled in martial arts should things get up close and personal. Okay, so he does sound a lot like your average super-soldier these days.

The initial trailer looked good and now the game is beginning to sound good. These latest batch of screenshots give us the first look into actual gameplay, motion blur included. Check them out and decide for yourself, will you be getting Vanquish?

According to Platinum Games’ official website, Vanquish is due out Winter 2010.

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