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White Knight Chronicles 2 details emerge, tons of new screenshots

Submitted by on Monday, 29 March 2010No Comment

Level-5 recently announced that White Knight Chronicles 2 will be making its way to Japan this summer. Will the problems that plagued the original be fixed?

The story in White Knight Chronicles 2 takes place a year after the events that abruptly ended in the original.

Two new characters have been introduced so far and they are from the Republic of Foria. Miu, the girl with horns in the screenshots, is the daughter of a former leader in Foria. The guy in the cool armor is Scardyne. Foria is apparently in chaos after Miu’s father, Duke Durham dies. Scardyne, a Forian general, serves to protect Miu since her life is now in danger. Eventually the two characters will meet Leonard and join his party.

We enjoyed White Knight Chronicles but the game is quite flawed. One of the biggest problems with WKC is that the wait between attacks are long and boring. You will be pleased to know that the combat circle will build up faster in WKC2. There is also a new Dash command to utilize during combat. As expected, there will be new weapon skills to learn and there’s even a counter ability.

Environments now reflect different seasons, which should make areas more dynamic. It will be interesting to see how weather changes the gameplay. Based on the screenshots, it’s clear that the graphics have been improved. The HUD appears to be the same, so if you’re familiar with White Knight Chronicles this game should be really easy to get into.

White Knight Chronicles 2 will have an online mode just like the original. No new information has been released, but screenshots suggest that up to six players can now party together. It is unknown if this has changed or not.

There is no concrete date set for WKC2 yet, but it’s supposed to hit Japan sometime in the summer. Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait a year for the International Edition.

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