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America has higher ratio of PS3s connected to the ‘net than the Xbox360 and Wii

Submitted by on Thursday, 15 April 20103 Comments

060906 playstation3 ps3 America has higher ratio of PS3s connected to the net than the Xbox360 and WiiAmerica has a higher ratio of PS3s hooked up to the internet than the Xbox 360 and the Wii. A recent survey from The Diffusion Group found that 78% of  PS3 owners are online. The Xbox 360 had less with 74% while the Wii scored a pitiful 54%.

Our main concern is that 22% of PS3 owners are missing out on some of the PS3′s best features.

Getting your PS3 connected to the internet is a simple process with both wired and wireless options available. The PS3 even has a built-in – and easy to configure – wireless adapter that’s ready to be used straight out the box.

There is a wealth of free content for PS3 owners from online gaming to Vidzone. Xbox Live however is a largely subscription based platform. This is a likely factor as to why fewer Xbox 360 consoles are being connected.

Michael Greeson, director of research at The Diffusion Group, said that a portion of those ratios could be attributed to an increasing demand for “online media-video.” He believes that game consoles are “best positioned to become the first mainstream over-the-top (OTT) video delivery platform.”

We at PS3 Attitude can’t disagree; the PS3 is an excellent media hub. We love watching BBC iPlayer and renting films through the Video Store.

[source: TECHSPOT]