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Anderson plans to make terrible games like his films

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 April 20103 Comments

Paul W.S. Anderson, the Hollywood director best known for the atrocious Resident Evil film adaptations (among others), is planning to develop games in the future. After 15 years talking to developers, Anderson feels he has a “very good appreciation” for what makes a good game.

His first game? That would be Buck Rogers.

Let’s start by giving Anderson some credit. Buck Rogers is an inspired choice; it will offer a vast world full of variety. We would love to have Buck on the PS3. Does Anderson have the skills to make a good Buck Rogers game? He certainly thinks so:

“I’ve been actively involved in the gaming world for 15 years now, talking to developers ever since Mortal Kombat, so I think I have a very good appreciation for what their needs and what their concerns are. I think I really do know how to join the two medias, [games and movies], together in a successful way, and that’s what I’ll be working on in the next few years.

Buck Rogers is something that’s starting from ground zero right now, so that’s definitely something that I would be considering doing. Really my approach to bridging the two medias is from Buck onwards.”

We are less confident than Anderson. For starters, he lacks experience actually developing games. It requires different skills to deal with programmers and artists than the ones he uses to work with actors. As much as games try to copy films, they are vastly different mediums that offer different things. Sure, these aren’t insurmountable problems for a person with a keen creative eye, but if Anderson’s films are anything to go by, he clearly isn’t that person.

Are we being too harsh? Possibly. We would like to see Anderson produce a masterpiece so prove us wrong Paul.

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[source: MTV]