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Bungie don’t fear the PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 29 April 2010No Comment

Bungie has never made a game for the PS3, that notoriously difficult platform to develop for (or so we’re told). Can they cope? Of course they can. With “some of the best engineering folks in the industry on board”, community manager Brian Jarrard believes the Halo developers are well equipped to tame the beast.

The Xbox and Xbox 360 has been the console of choice for Bungie for the past ten years so it’s a massive step for them to go multi-platform. When MCV quizzed them on the subject, this is what Jarrard had to say:

“Oh, sure – we’ve been Xbox exclusive for a long time, but it’s something where we have some of the best engineering folks in the industry on board who are already thinking ahead about how our new game universe might manifest itself over various devices.”

There’s also the Activision factor; the wealthy publisher has a years of experience dominating the multi-format market.

“That was another big draw to Activision – they have a lot of experience with multiple platforms and technical expertise. I think we’ll be able to work with them to leverage their experience and make that a little bit easier for us going forward.”

With legendary Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward wilting away to nothing, it’s likely Bungie will become the new poster child. With Activision’s experience and riches Bungie should find themselves well supported as they try to get started on the PS3.

We can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves. Bungie have long been one of those developers who we’ve admired from afar.