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Crytek claims console gamers have no respect regarding game development

Submitted by on Thursday, 15 April 20103 Comments

Crytek’s CEO – Cervat Yerli – has been speaking to OXM regarding the difference between PC and console gamers.

His comments are bound to split opinion.

During the interview he commented on the pressure put on the team by trying to please console gamers.

He admits that ultimately it has made Crysis 2 a better game – but that constant pressure can’t be fun right?

He also said the following;

“I simplified it for our guys by saying there is one difference between the PC gamer and console gamer.

I said the single most important difference is a PC gamer forgives you for about a minute. A console gamer gives you two seconds.

It sucks or it fails and you’re either the top or a flop. They don’t respect any value you put into your development, either it works or it doesn’t work.”

We have mixed feelings on his comments.  One could argue he is correct, and as a majority of PC gamers are part of the modding community, they have an idea of how tough development can be.  Plus it’s not hard to find forums full of console trolls claiming a game sucks without even playing it – something the team behind Sonic will happily testify to.

But on the flip side, the whole of Team Attitude are console gamers and every single one of us respect the amount of effort put into a game – which is reflected in our reviews.

You also have to consider the price difference.  When a game on PC is half the price of its console counterpart that gives us a damn good reason to moan louder if it’s a buggy mess.

So – how does his comments make you feel?