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Deals of the Week – 2nd April 2010

Submitted by on Friday, 2 April 20103 Comments

Welcome to the second edition of PS3 Attitude’s ‘Deals of the Week’ segment. Every Friday we deliver the best deals on PlayStation 3 games that we have discovered across the World Wide Web.

And unlike certain game developers, we here at Attitude Towers don’t want anyone to be left out so once again the article is divided into two, with two PS3 deals for both the United Kingdom the United States.

Not only will we show you what is on offer, we will tell you why in our opinion you should not waste a second in clicking the ‘Buy’ link under each deal.

Oh and if you find better PS3 deals elsewhere don’t forget the comments section is open for you to share with the world!

United Kingdom.

Fallout 3 GOTY: £21.76

Fallout 3 is an incredible RPG released way back in October 2008. It has received critical acclaim around the world and thoroughly deserves its Metacritic score of 90/100.

The game takes place in the year 2227 and sees the player explore Washington D.C. 200 years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse.

The player begins as an inhabitant of Vault 101 that protects a select number of humans from the nuclear fallout. As your father goes missing, you escape the vault to look for him with the help of some friendly faces along the way.

Despite the fact that the game has been out for nearly 18 months, it remains one of the best titles for this generation of consoles, and should therefore be on every PS3 owner’s shelf.

This edition of the game also comes with all five downloadable packs released for the game since its release, meaning you won’t find yourself spending any more money on this game down the line.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY: £29.85

Like Fallout 3, Arkham Asylum is another fantastic title to have received the ‘Game of the Year’ treatment. Released as recently as August last year Arkham Asylum was quick to earn itself a re-release, racking up a 91 score on Metacritic and winning numerous awards in the process.

In Batman: Arkham Asylum the player assumes the role of Batman who, finding himself trapped by The Joker inside the confines of a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane, must fight to survive long enough to escape and foil The Joker’s latest nefarious scheme.

It has been hailed by some as the best licensed game ever made and in all seriousness it is easy to see why. The gameplay is fantastic and is bettered only by the brilliantly chilling Gothic environments. If you gave it a miss when it came out for fear of another lousy cash-in now would be the perfect time to disprove your misgivings.

As with the Fallout 3 GOTY, this edition of the game includes the five maps made available as DLC since the original release. More excitingly though the GOTY edition adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay with support for TriOviz 3D.

TriOviz 3D doesn’t require any special equipment other than a standard TV and the glasses that ship with the game. It may not be quite up to the same standards as more advanced 3D technology, but it will provide an excellent taster for those still unconvinced by 3D gaming.

It also turns a must-buy game into a really must-buy game.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

United States.

Bioshock & Bioshock 2: $48.99

Way back in Fall 2007 a little game called ‘Bioshock’ was released. Greeted by almost universal acclaim, Bioshock was an FPS that also borrowed from the role-playing and survival horror genres and which took place in a brilliantly realised underwater dystopia.

For various reasons, however, Bioshock didn’t take place on the PS3. At least not until a full year later. Sadly this meant that many PS3 gamers never visited Rapture and missed out on one of the most vividly enchanting game worlds ever created.

In February this year Bioshock 2 came out and this time PS3 owners weren’t deprived of the steam-punk goodness. Unfortunately Bioshock 2 is as direct a sequel as it is possible to be. On its own it just isn’t a great game – for it to reach its full potential it is completely reliant on its predecessor.

Fortunately, and for a limited time only, Amazon has your back. When you purchase Bioshock 2 they will include Bioshock 1 absolutely free.

For PS3 owners who missed out on Bioshock the first time around this deal is fantastic. It not only alleviates the issue of playing the sequel first but also brings the added benefit of delivering the games as one package, which is how they work best.

Oh, and you get two fantastic games for the price of one. Perfect.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Metal Gear Solid 4: $18.00

Metal Gear Solid 4 was one of the biggest exclusives for the PS3 console in 2008. Kojima provided a game that lived up to the expectations by fans and was the perfect end to Solid Snake’s journey.

With nearly 5 million games sold since release, there really is no excuse for not owning this fantastic title.

Set in 2014, you play as old snake as you seek to exterminate his nemesis Liquid Ocelot. Old favourites from previous games also return including Raiden, Otacon, Sunny and more.

MGS4 combines stealth and combat to generate a superb title that will go down in records as one of the biggest and best games of all time.

Not only has the title got a classic single player campaign, it also has a great multiplayer mode too which Konami have regularly updated since release, introducing new add-ons to keep players happy.

For this price how could you turn down the chance to buy it? And if you buy using code GD10 you can get 10% off the discounted price of $19.99!

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

All our PS3 Deals of the Week are correct at the time of publishing – the vendors listed may change these at any time.