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Deals of the Week – 30th April 2010

Submitted by on Friday, 30 April 2010No Comment

Here we are with the last ‘Deals of the Week’ for April 2010. This Friday, as every Friday, we deliver to you our readers our favourite PlayStation 3 game deals from across the Internet.

We’re also fair people here at Attitude Towers, so we have split this segment with two PS3 deals for the United Kingdom, and two for the United States.

It would be too easy to simply show you what’s on offer, so we go one further by telling you why in our opinion you should not waste any time in clicking the ‘Buy Now’ link under every deal.

As ever if you manage to out-do our deals don’t hesitiate to share your triumph in the comments section!

United Kingdom

Super Street Fighter IV – £15.99

Here at Attitude Towers we’re absolutely delighted to bring to your attention what is possibly the best deal we’ve seen since we started Deals of the Week!

Super Street Fighter IV, an extended and updated version of  last year’s wildly popular Street Fighter IV, has literally only just hit the shelves, so to get such a good deal on it already is something quite amazing.

Honestly there isn’t anything we can really add here to what has already been said by our resident Street Fighter expert Delriach in his comprehensive review of the game in which he describes Super Street Fighter IV as ” a game you need to own”, citing  “a vastly improved online mode, great gameplay with new additions, and unparalleled presentation”.

But suffice to say if you love fighting games, you will love this game. If you loved Street Fighter IV, you will love this game. If you’ve never tried fighting games before, well at this price there has never been a better time to give them a go.

When you click the ‘Buy Now’ link below (and you almost certainly will) the listed price you will see is £22.99, but if you read the product description you will see that a £7 discount is applied when you use the code ‘GZOOP07’ at checkout, bringing it down to a fantastic £15.99.

We have run through the process ourselves and can confirm that it is completely painless, a description definitely not applicable to the game itself!

Buy Now

All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Need for Speed: Shift – £14.99

Need for Speed: Shift is the game that takes the series back to form after a few lacklustre titles under its belt in recent years.

Released late last year it was one of the best racing games to release for the whole of 2009, and perhaps even for the whole of this generation.

It features over sixty cars that are split into tiers from the conventional family cars to tremendously fast supercars. There are also an impressive nineteen tracks including old favourites such as Spa, Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

Not only does this game boast about impressive statistics, the graphics are also very striking. So much so that we debated whether the game could compete with Gran Turismo 5 last August! But it would be wrong to describe this game as a driving simulator, as it certainly doesn’t fall under this category. Instead this title is designed purely to entertain gamers who simply want a fun time in the evenings sat on the sofa!

It is great to see the Need for Speed franchise return to its best, and for only £15 there really is no excuse why racing fans should push this excellent title into the distance.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

United States

God of War III – $48.54

After years of waiting God of War III is finally here on the PlayStation 3. Fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating this game and their patience has been justly rewarded.

But you don’t have to have played the previous titles to enjoy God of War III, as it is so immersive in almost every way that it is well suited to most gamers. As one of the best PS3 games so far, God of War III deserves a spot on almost everyone’s game shelf!

When we saw this deal there was no way that we could turn down the opportunity to share it with you. This game is the perfect end to the God of War trilogy, and it has certainly been worth all the hype and anticipation.

In our review of the game last month we concluded that “we [couldn’t] recommend God of War III highly enough”. It is bigger and badder than anything we have seen before, and set hearts pacing and hands sweating.

Don’t wait any longer to pick up this beauty. Do yourself the best favour you ever could and click the ‘Buy Now’ link below!

Buy Now

All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Bionic Commando – $7.99

Bionic Commando will probably be remembered as Capcom’s first failure of the high definition era. When the game came out last year reviewers and gamers alike were divided on the game and as such the Metacritic score suffered. This is turn led to sales suffering and eventually contributed to the demise of developers Grin.

Here at Attitude Towers we nonetheless have a real soft spot for the game and think that for such a ridiculously low price you should definitely give it a chance.

For the uninitiated Bionic Commando is an update and sequel to the popular NES title of the same name. A third person action-adventure, the game’s main hook is the ‘bionic arm’ which allows you to swing Spiderman-style through the bombed out city. The arm can also be used as an offensive weapon to hurl the scenery at enemies, or hurl enemies at enemies, or simply to hold enemies up in the air whilst you shoot their mates.

The arm mechanic really is integral to enjoyment of the game. Swinging around the city is both exhilarating  and ludicrously fun, and each time you encounter enemies there are so many different combinations of ways to pick them off you can get a real feeling of godlike power. The graphics are good too and the orchestral score, which has context sensitive elements, is one of the best on the system.

It certainly isn’t perfect though. The plot is full of holes as well as being wholly forgettable and the use of radiation to keep the levels linear is poorly implemented and frustrating. Loading times between areas are high and pretty much always trigger when you go through a tunnel. There are a lot of  ‘loading tunnels’ and you will learn to loathe them.

Despite the problems the game has real moments of greatness. The boss battles alone are worth the asking price.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

All deals featured in this article are correct at the time of publishing and are in stock, however they are subject to change at any time.