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Demon’s Souls confirmed for Europe

Submitted by on Friday, 16 April 20104 Comments

At long last Demon’s Souls has been confirmed for Europe – albeit in very limited stock.  Our saviour is none other than Namco, who has decided to pick up the distribution rights – go and sit in the naughty corner Sony!

If you want our advice you should go and pre-order right now!

The game will be arriving in stores on June 25th as a special ‘Black Phantom Edition’.  This will include the soundtrack, art book and strategy guide – making it very much like the collectors edition released in the US.

So what’s the downside?  Well Namco are keen to stress the release will be a small one – so don’t expect shelves full of copies come release day.

Also factor in that Japan will be getting a sequel – and we are very much playing catch up.  Still, we can live with that just to get our hands on the game that has become a bit of a cult hit.

Our only concern is that anyone who was interested in the game will have already imported it – which will dent sales.

So – is anyone up for a bit of demon bashing?