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Dille talks marketing, Move, 3D and the PS3’s ability to do everything

Submitted by on Saturday, 3 April 2010No Comment

Peter Dille, head of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, has been speaking to the Financial Times about the “it only does everything” marketing campaign. Sony’s research show that customers still struggle to understand just what the PS3 is capable of. This is partly down to the White Room campaign that was too “inclusive” according to Dille. They hope this new approach will go some way to enlighten the masses.

Dille claims that the message just wasn’t getting through, that some American weren’t even aware that the PS3 had a Blu-Ray drive. This new marketing approach is designed to reach all possible audiences – not just the dedicated gamer.

“Very much a part of it was making sure it could talk to multiple audiences, so that the core gamer feels like we get them but also there’s the message that mum and dad understand why they should want to bring this product into the house – it’s not just about games it’s about Blu-ray movies, storing videos or photos on the machine, it is a change of positioning from just being a gaming machine to a total entertainment device.”

Dille believes that audiences are far more receptive to a converge device now than they were upon the release of the PS3. He also says that the PS3’s price drop has put the console within reach of the average American; something that wasn’t true before.

When asked about the difficulties in selling 3D, he simply brushed it off, suggesting that it was more of an issue for Sony’s HDTV division; for the PS3 it’s another “one more thing” example that can be put on the box. He also says that it will help the PS3 gain more retail space in shops:

“From a retail perspective, it’s going to get us into another aisle of the store. We’ve been in the gaming aisle for 15 years, we’re now in the home theatre area because of Blu-ray, they are going to be setting up 3D displays and spending a lot of money to sell Americans on 3D.”

He also spoke about how Sony plan to differentiate PlayStation Move from its compitition:

“Our solution and point of differentiation is around precision, because we’ve got the camera – the Playstation Eye – and the motion controller which has the light at the tip, and the camera tracks the light very precisely in 3D space. The combination of that precision along with the button on the controller means that you’re now able to develop and play games that you can’t do with the Wii and Natal.”

Dille was also keen to stress that Move is not simply a device for the casual market, it’s also being aimed towards the hardcore crowd.

“Hard-core gamers have looked down their nose at motion gaming: it’s not particularly satisfying for them because it’s not terribly precise or challenging, it’s more social. So we’ll have games that the whole family can play that are very social, but we’ll also be able to do hard-core gamer games via a motion device that has never been done before.”

The “it only does everything” campaign is a step in the right direction following the dreadful White Room campaign – a marketing approach that only served to scare away potential audiences. Sony are now telling people how the PS3 could improve their living room entertainment set-up. We suppose it’s better late than never…