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Even Mikami requires a little restraint

Submitted by on Monday, 5 April 2010No Comment

Shinji Mikami, the legendary games developer, the man behind Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and the hotly anticipated Vanquish, has admitted that he was given “too much freedom” during the production of God Hand.

Mikami admits to being given a free rein to make God Hand as he liked, but it seems his vision didn’t correlate to what the public wanted; the result was poor sales and mixed reviews for the PS2 title.

The confession was made to Edge magazine during a discussion on Vanquish – his upcoming sci-fi shooter:

“I’ve released a lot of titles before and I feel that, perhaps specifically with regard to God Hand, I was given too much freedom to make that game just as I liked. It didn’t sell too well.”

The failure of God Hand has led Mikami to approach Vanquish with a new mentality that puts the massmarket first:

“We’re definitely going for something a little more massmarket that will appeal to a wide audience, certainly a bigger one than God Hand had. We knew that these were points we had to address from the very beginning, and Vanquish is a result of that.”

Is Vanquish really putting the public first? Sure, it has a clich├ęd sci-fi setting, space marines and a conflict between Russian and America; but your average Joe gamer is certain to be knocked out of their confort zones by Vanquish’s high-octane third-person action, that demands you get right in the thick of the action – it’s more Bayonetta in space than Killzone 2.The massmarket won’t know what’s hit them.