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Final Fantasy XIII costumes coming to PlayStation Home tomorrow and more! – UPDATE

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 April 2010One Comment

Fans have been waiting for the arrival of the FFXIII costumes for quite some time. The wait is finally over.

There’s also a Monkey Island personal space in Europe, a Wireless Keypad giveaway in North America, and so much more!

The Final Fantasy XIII costumes have been available in Japan since the game’s release in December. For whatever reason, they are just now coming to PlayStation Home in NA and EU even though FFXIII hit store shelves in early March.

In tomorrow’s content update for PlayStation Home you will now be able to purchase the Sazh, Lightning, Snow, and Vanille costumes. There will also be four new pieces of furniture, including two figures of Lightning.

That’s not all there is for this week’s update. If you’re a fan of Monkey Island, you’ll be happy to know that the Ghost Pirate Ship personal space will be available. In addition to that, there will be tons of furniture and costumes for Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck.

The popular Sodium space will be updated as well. It should be easier to move around the space, and the locations of spawn points and even Vickie are being changed. You’ll also find a Golden Vickie and tons of new items to purchase.

The Alumni Hub needs to be rebuilt due to the recent client update Home received. Even though the hub needs to be taken down temporarily, it’s for the better. nDreams is going to revive access to sections of the Alumni Hub that were no longer accessible after Xi ended. This is great news!

The Final Fantasy XIII costumes are coming to North America as well. In addition to that you’ll also find costumes for Big Daddy and Big Sister from Bioshock 2. The Big Daddy looks really good and it should be quite a popular item in Home.

The Gamer’s Lounge was updated last week and there will be a Wireless Keypad giveaway to celebrate. The contest starts on April 23rd and lasts until the 30th. Only 10 lucky Homies will be chosen to win the keypad. So what do you have to do? According to the rules all you need to do is answer the following question posted on a billboard in one of the core spaces:

How would owning a wireless keypad improve your PlayStation®3 experience?

Email your answer to with the word “Keypad” in the subject line and the body should contain your PSN ID and the answer. Good luck!

Will you be dressed up as a character from Final Fantasy XIII? Let us know in the comments section below.

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