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Final Fight: Double Impact requires an internet connection due to DRM protection

Submitted by on Friday, 23 April 20107 Comments

As many of our readers have already noticed, Final Fight: Double Impact requires an internet connection to play. Capcom has acknowledged the concerns and issued an apology for not mentioning the requirement.

We reviewed Final Fight: Double Impact and enjoyed it a lot. It’s retro gaming at its finest and a must have if you’re a fan of beat ’em ups. Since we’re always signed into the PSN, we didn’t even notice that you couldn’t boot up the game unless you were online.

We have been waiting for a response from Capcom regarding the matter and it has finally been acknowledged as intentional. Why? It’s apparently a new DRM method that Capcom is testing out.

If a user on the IGN forums is to be believed, Capcom stated that they are not committed to applying this DRM to all titles. It’s also worth noting that “Game Sharing” was to blame. Despite what the IGN user says, Double Impact can be played on multiple accounts on a single PS3. We tested it and it worked just fine, so we’re not sure what that’s all about.

Destructoid managed to receive an official response on the matter:

Capcom would like to formally apologize for the issues consumers are having with the PS3 version of Final Fight: Double Impact. Typically, the notification for a required PlayStation Network connection appears in the full game description when a game is downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Unfortunately when populating this content this detail was overlooked and wasn’t included in the versions of the game that released in North America and Asia. It was included in the release for Europe. Capcom should have checked to make sure the notification was included when the final game was made available and we sincerely apologize for this oversight.

The DRM requirements for Final Fight: Double Impact are not unique to this release. This protection mechanism has been implemented in numerous games offered on the PlayStation Store before. When it was brought to our attention that the notification was missing, we acted quickly with Sony Computer Entertainment America and a fix is on the Way.We would like to thank our vigilant fans for bringing this to our attention and we will exercise better scrutiny on future Capcom releases.

Another title that requires an internet connection to play is the PSN version of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. Like Double Impact, there is a single player mode in Gran Turismo. The disc-based version of GT5P does not have such a requirement.

Final Fight: Double Impact only requires an internet connection to start the game up. You can sign out of the PSN or remove your Ethernet cable after the game boots up. This could be a helpful solution to anyone that needs to switch their wires to multiple devices.

Even though Double Impact can be played alone, online is the main reason to even own this game. If you haven’t purchased it yet, don’t let this annoyance deter you from enjoying a hilarious cooperative experience. If you’re always connected to the PSN, this won’t mean much to you. Of course, that’s until you get a craving for Final Fight and the PSN happens to be down. Since that doesn’t happen often enough, you probably shouldn’t worry.

It’s only a matter of time before more companies start doing this if “Game Sharing” is becoming such a problem. Is it right to blame Capcom or Sony for implementing such a requirement to protect their games? Let us know what you think.