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Has firmware update 3.30 broken Dragon Age: Origins?

Submitted by on Tuesday, 27 April 20102 Comments

‘Anger’ is the word of the day if you’re a PS3 Dragon Age: Origins fan, as there are numerous complaints that the latest console firmware update – 3.30 – is randomly crashing games.

And when we say numerous complaints, we actually mean twelve pages worth and counting.  Eek!

From what we can gather, the game will lock up and crash without warning – it doesn’t seem to be linked to any sort of in game action or a particular section.   It also isn’t dependant on what SKU you have, as it affects the game on both the phat and slim versions of the console.

One angry Bioware forum member had the following to say;

“I guess I can provide slightly more detailed description of what I’m seeing, in case it is helpful to someone wanting to fix it.

At random and frequently, the Playstation hangs completely. No button on the controller has any effect (Start, Select, PS3 button, or normal controller buttons or joysticks).

This didn’t seem to correlate to any interesting actions. Once I was just jogging through my camp. Another time I was levelling up Zevran. A third time I was buying materials to make potions. Once it happened, I had to reboot my PS3 or eject the disk; ejecting the disk caused the PS3 to reboot itself, seemingly.”

Other forum members have simply declared that they no longer intend to play Dragon Age, and none of them had many kind words to say about Sony.

This seems to have had the desired effect, as BioWare has responded to the problem.  BioWare representative Fernando Melo had the following to say on the BioWare forum;

“Thanks for all the details so far – this is really helping us zero in on potential areas that were knocked by 3.3.

One of the challenges in tracking down 3.3 so far is that we have only been able to reproduce this on retail (home version) of PS3s – like all of you – and unfortunately that means we don’t get a lot of the additional data that comes with reproducing problems on a dev kit, to help us solve an issue quickly.”

He then when on to ask the following questions, in a bid to narrow down the problem;

“In the meantime, we have to do this a little old school, and keep narrowing cases down. So I have a few more questions to help us further, or help eliminate some other edge cases. Also, I’ve noted that some of you have already responded to these, but i’m trying to get a sense of whether they are common or not, so every post does help.

There may be relation to save games / saving which we’re reviewing. On the PS3, DA has a system that allows you to continue playing while you are saving (note that the save icon is still going). If you wait/stop until the icon has disappeared completely, do you still experience crashes? Or are these only happening if you continue to do things while saving (moving, talking, combat, opening GUIs like inventory, etc)?

We don’t think it is related at this time, but just want to get a reality check on whether hard drive space available is a factor. Could you provide a rough estimate of free space if you’re getting crashes? Also, an indication of how many DA save game slots you have on the profile you’re playing with?

Another line we’re looking at is whether this is largely affecting data that existed pre-3.3. For those that added DAO only after 3.3, have you experienced crashes?
Audio still playing seems to be a common item, and it is actually a very good lead if solid. Are you experiencing crashes where not even audio is playing? Or predominantly it is everything is unresponsive but audio continues? Does audio stop a few minutes after the crash, or keep going?

Lastly, DA is a title that requires you to install the game to the hard drive. If you are experiencing issues on OTHER games after 3.3, are these games also installed to the hdd? Did the game require this, or did you manually choose to install it?”

Has any of the PS3 Attitude Public had any issues?  If so, head over to the official BioWare forum thread to report it.