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GAME adds a DLC warning to pre-owned games

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 April 20105 Comments

We suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened – GAME are now adding warnings to pre-owned games about the lack of advertised DLC content.

This step is needed to avoid legal action from angry customers.

It’s an increasingly common sight now – pick up the box of the latest game release, and more often than not it will be proudly boasting some form of pack in code which will allow access to DLC.

But what happens when this game is traded in?  The DLC code has been used, but it is still advertised on the box.

GameStop are currently being sued for misleading a customer who was unaware the advertised Dragon Age DLC was for new copy purchases only.

The customer – James Collins – is seeking;

“Restitution, punitive damages for fraud, and numerous other compensatory damages.”

A GAME spokesperson had the following to say regarding the DLC warnings;

“We have been developing a policy for notifying customers at the point of purchase which was implemented last week in-store.

Pre-owned copies of applicable titles have stickers on them saying ‘check with staff for availability of downloadable content’, giving staff the chance to explain clearly the difference so that our customers understand the benefits of buying both pre-owned and mint.”

Smart move if you ask us – as we think the action taken by Mr Collins would have been the first of many if left unchecked.

It’s also good that there will be more clarity when it comes to what you are actually getting when you pick up a pre-owned game.