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GAME selling ex-display games as new

Submitted by on Friday, 2 April 20104 Comments

Reports are in from multiple sources that, and allegedly has been selling ex-display stock as new – with some very unsatisfactory results.

The games being sold seem to be older titles which have been put on sale for Easter.

People are complaining that the games are arriving in poor condition, and sometimes even damaged.

A member of UK gaming forum had the following to say;

“I bought a new copy of Resident Evil 4 Wii a couple of weeks back from them for a friend’s birthday.  It was anything but ‘new’. It had Game’s own seal on the tattered box, but inside there were preowned stickers all over the place.

I contacted them and told them I was furious with this service, after having paid additional costs for a new copy. They told me to send the copy back to them for a full refund, but have yet to contact me.”

Another GRcade forum member also had a complaint;

“While Red Faction looks new (the cellophane is torn, but it’s got the Xbox sticker over the bit where you open the case), The Bigs 2 and Infinite Undiscovery are clearly second hand.

Battered boxes, labels half torn off (only the sticky labels, but a new game wouldn’t have that), the cases are scuffed, and the The Bigs disc is scratched/marked. I haven’t opened Infinite Undiscovery in case, but I assume it’s shoddy inside as well.”

The source site – Gamerzines – experienced GAME’s shoddy service first hand;

“We also experienced it for ourselves. After ordering a copy of an Xbox 360 game from, it arrived with a torn case, dog-eared manual and scratched disc. Ordering the same game again a few days later from prompted the same result.”

A spokesperson from GAME had the following to say;

“It has come to our attention that a small number of our customers have raised concerns about the physical condition of some products purchased from our websites in the current Easter sale period.

We can categorically confirm that all products sold as “new” on our web sites are new. In order to ensure that we had adequate inventory cover to meet the projected demand during the sale period we had moved some stock back from stores and into our online distribution centre. This stock should be in MINT condition but we are now aware that some ex-display stock has slipped through our quality screening processes. This stock is new (it has never been owned by anyone other than us, and certainly it has never been played) however it may have been stripped of its plastic wrapping.

If any of our customers have bought a “new” game from us, then we will have sent a new game out to them. If any customer has received a game that is damaged or that they are not happy about the condition of, we will be pleased to replace it or refund it, subject to our normal terms and conditions. We would never seek to mislead our customers by offering for sale product that we know to be sub-standard and would like to take this opportunity to offer our apologies to any customer that has been inconvenienced by this matter.”

Has any of the PS3 Attitude Public had similar problems?  If so how easily was the situation rectified?