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GAME unveils its digital plans

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 April 2010No Comment

Today has been quite a GAME focused news day, with announcements of volcano related game delays and profit drops (non volcano related!).

Now they have unveiled their plans for the future – with a focus on digital business.

At the moment digital sales make up about six percent of the retailers revenue – and they have admitted in the short to medium term they will be concentrating mainly on boxed products.

However, the long term forecast is slightly different, with a predicted shift to digital distribution.

GAME is planning a “new ‘Websphere ‘ ecommerce platform” which will offer customers a central online portal for their digital needs.

Also on the cards is a new social network called ‘Gamesnation’.

GAME CEO Christopher Bell had the following to say;

“Stores remain central to our offer.  We strongly believe that stores will continue to have a very significant role in PC and video games retailing.

Over the short to medium term, we believe that the PC and video games market will continue to be dominated by boxed product. This is reinforced by the manufacturers who are producing peripherals for the third generation console hardware, before looking towards the fourth generation. This is positive news for the specialist as we always perform well when new boxed product technology is released.

Over the longer term, we expect to see increasing diversity in the way people play and interact – more use of digital downloading to enhance disc based games, games downloaded in their entirety, greater access to casual (free-to-play) games, and more people playing mobile games.

Ecommerce is an important part of our customer offering, delivering over five per cent of our revenues. Through our websites we can offer the same services as in our stores, plus a substantially enhanced range, online-only offers and additional marketing and support, i.e. Click and Collect, to our customers and stores.

To give our customers a seamless brand experience we are introducing a new ‘Websphere’ ecommerce platform over the next two years, linking all of our territories and stores to provide a universal online portal, and fully connected infrastructure. GAME will invest £5m this year and the next in this ecommerce platform.

We are building on this position by creating a social networking site, Gamesnation, which is currently in beta testing with thousands of members to increase brand awareness further and to appeal to a wider target audience.”

If they can pull all of this off it sounds like an interesting proposition.  Does the new face of GAME interest you?