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Do you ‘Heart’ PS3 Attitude? Our new charity advert launches…

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 April 20106 Comments

As you may know, PS3 Attitude is run entirely for charity. Every ounce of revenue we generate from your visits, the games you buy through the website and the advertising money we receive is given to worthy causes.

Recently a number of companies have stepped forward to help us raise our profile, and what you’re about to read is the story of how one of the world’s largest advertising agencies and some good natured magazine publishers has led to the release of our very own advert – simply called ‘Heart’.

Today saw the release of the latest issue of P3Zine by Cranberry Publishing, and there on page 17 you can see the advert that has had tongues wagging behind-the-scenes for the last few weeks.

‘Heart’ features at its core one of the most powerful images we’ve witnessed, and we hope you’ll agree that the advert is worth sharing around.

How did this come about?

PS3 Attitude recently commissioned an advertisement from world-leading agency Ogilvy & Mather.

The task was to create something that reflects both the cutting edge of PlayStation 3 gaming and the passion of the team behind our charity-based website.

The advert, therefore, brings to life what PlayStation means to the PS3 addicted: a really intense gaming experience that goes directly to your heart.

The incredible and powerful result, produced by Ogilvy Dubai and award winning photographer Andrzej Dragan, is clear for all to see.

PS3 Attitude would like to thank Ogilvy Dubai and Andrzej Dragan for an incredible piece. We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has featured ‘Heart’ in their magazines and on their websites without any charge to PS3 Attitude, which includes the wonderful people at Cranberry Publishing. Your ‘donation’ is helping us to reach a new audience, and increased visitor numbers always results in higher charity revenues.

Download the latest issue of P3Zine now and check out the advert we’re so very proud of.

If you would like to feature ‘Heart’ in your publication or on your website, or can help us spread the word, please contact us today.