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Mystery ModNation Racers Mods revealed

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 April 20102 Comments

There are only a few weeks left until Sony takes its ‘Play, Create, Share’ ethos to the race track, and ModNation Racers hits the shops.  We already know about several of the games bonus characters, but we were promised more – and that’s a promise Sony has made good on.

Let’s introduce the rest of the racers shall we?

First of all a quick re-cap is in order for those who haven’t been following ModNation Racers.  The game is a cross between Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet.  You can hop straight into a race and play with one of the on disk characters – or you can make your own racing avatar from scratch.  Add in an extensive course editor and the game is a creative souls dream.

So, let’s get back to the new racers.  First up is Sackboy!  That’s right, the little dude has swapped his platforming boots for a set of wheels and is set to take the fight to the rest of the gang.

Nice wheels!

There is a ‘but’ though, and it’s this – Sackboy can only be found in boxes bearing a special sticker, so finding him is going to be akin to some odd treasure hunt through your local games retailer.  Inside the specially marked boxes you will find a PSN code which allows you to download him.  Early pre-ordered copies will automatically come with this PSN code in the box.

The picture below shows the sticker you should be looking out for if you want to play as Sackboy and his awesome cardboard car.

Go and find it!

 If you miss Sackboy fear not, for there are several other new racers to play as.  Each copy of the game comes with an original Mod and Kart Body, plus you get special accessories that you can use in your own creations.

Who you get is completely down to luck, and you won’t find out until you redeem your pre-order voucher code.

So here are the motley crew;

Mouse Trap

Ready to catch his next meal, this clever cat speeds around a big wedge of cheese to lure in his next meal.

Mod Accessories: Feline Ears, Cat Eyes, and Claws
Kart Accessories: Cheese Wheel and Cat Toy Ornaments

Pretty cheesy if you ask us. Get it? Mouse...cheese? Ah forget it.

Lil Tinker

Some kids were just born to race. Sporting a homemade Soap Box Racer and X-Ray Specs, this little rascal is ready to go.

Mod Accessories: X-Ray Glasses and Pot Helmet
Kart Accessories: Nail ornament and Trash Steering Wheel

Some nasty red-eye he has there...


MOO-ve over! There’s a new sheriff in town. If you don’t get out of his way, his truck will mow you into hamburger!

Mod Accessories: Cowboy Hat, Straw, and Chaps
Kart Accessories: Saddle Seat and Rope Steering Wheel

Tut tut tut - will you look at that pollution coming from his vehicle.


You don’t have to watch Caddyshack to know you don’t mess with this gopher and his souped up Golf Kart. Whether on the fairway or on the race track, this guy likes to ‘drive’.

Mod Accessories: Golf Hat, Gopher Nose, Argyle Sweater Vest
Kart Accessories: Golf Kart Seat

Dress sense = epic fail.

So there you have it – are you excited about the roster of characters so far?  As a special treat have a look at the trailer below to see the other pre-order bonus characters (Kratos, Ratchet, Clank and Nathan Drake) in action!