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Pachter speaks out about Gears of War on the PS3

Submitted by on Tuesday, 27 April 20105 Comments

Michael Pachter has been chin wagging with GameTrailers about his views on the cushy position Epic are in when it comes to squeezing money from Microsoft.

But will a PS3 version of Gears of War ever materialise?

A while ago Pachter spoke out saying that Epic regretted making the Gears series an Xbox exclusive – a claim that was swiftly shot down by Epic’s Mark Rein.

Pachter has now readdressed this topic, saying the following;

“A while, ago [I said] that Epic regretted making Gears Of War [exclusively] for the Xbox 360, and I was quickly corrected by Mark Rein, who said: ‘We don’t regret a single thing.’

Of course they don’t regret it, because they’re all very wealthy and they cut themselves a great deal. I guess what I really meant was future versions of Gears are at least going to be negotiated to allow them to make them on multiplatform unless Microsoft pays even more.

So the success of Gears [will] allow Epic to squeeze even more money out of them for exclusives in the future. We’ll see what Epic does, but I don’t think you’re going to get any new franchises after Gears that are console exclusives. Same thing – these guys all want to make money. It is a profit deal.”

We can see his point on this one – and we suspect Microsoft has a big fat cheque with Epics name on it.

It’s a shame really, as we would love to see Gears of War come to the PS3 – but who knows what the future holds?