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PS3 gets minor hardware upgrade [updated]

Submitted by on Monday, 26 April 20108 Comments

Japanese gaming website Pocketnews has reported that the PS3 has received a minor hardware alteration. The changes include a new version of the RSX graphics chip that uses 15% less power. With the cost of electricity these days, this is pleasing news. Plus, it should help cut down on that dreaded ‘yellow light of death’ which causes your PS3 to overheat and die.

The new model is named the CECH-2100A, that’s one to remember. Its GPU is 40nm in size, reduced down from 65nm. The model also has a smaller power supply which weights 30g less, down from 421g. The cooling unit has been on a diet too with it now weighing only 408g, down from 545g.

We were impressed by the lightness and efficiency of the Slim, but this new model goes to new levels. The PS3 has come a long way from its original fat and power-hungry self.

Check out that. Ain't she a beauty?

Sony have lost money on every PS3 they have sold, but the Slim was rumoured to be close to breaking even. It remains to be seen whether this new model will finally see Sony make a profit.

Source and pictures: PocketNews¦ Story picked up from PlayStation University

[UPDATED: The sources initially claimed the chip was 45nm. Sony have since corrected this, it’s really 40nm. Even better]