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The Sims 3 will be walking aimlessly onto PS3 this autumn

Submitted by on Wednesday, 28 April 20106 Comments

EA has announced that the best selling PC title of 2009 – The Sims 3 – will be making its way onto the PS3 this autumn.

Sounds good – but will it just be a straight port?

We imagine that most of you are familiar with The Sims, but for the uninitiated here’s a brief rundown.  You essentially play God as you control the life of a Sims character.  Will you be responsible and treat it right, or trap it in a corner and make it pee itself?  The choice is yours.

New to the PS3 version is the ability to mess with your Sim with ‘Karma Powers’ – you can help your Sim ‘get lucky’, bless them with ‘instant beauty’ or be deviant and curse them with an ‘epic fail’.

But you need to use these powers wisely—they may have unexpected results and karma may come back to bite.

"Dude you're sitting in a fire pit!"

Connection is also a key feature, and you are able to design, build, and share your creations and download content from other players around the world.

And for fans of spamming your friends, you can now share achievements via Facebook.

So who is up for a spot of The Sims on PS3?  The last time we played a console Sims game it was on the PS2, and the user interface was quite clunky – here’s hoping the long absence will lead to a much smoother game.