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SingStar to be updated this June

Submitted by on Tuesday, 27 April 2010One Comment

SingStar is one of the most popular family game on the PS3, and Sony has announced details for the June update.

First up in the features is SingStar Remote. If you own a PSP, this should come in very handy. This feature allows you to sync your PSP to SingStar on the PS3 and create a playlist of up to 20 songs while someone is singing down the microphone. It is a nice idea that we believe will be very popular

The next change comes in the form of the actual gameplay. The game will give you feedback to your singing using your natural vibrato to separate the men from the boys – or the ladies from the girls!

The SingStar Club feature is also getting bigger as each club will be able to hold up to a massive 1000 members, and every user can join up to five.

The final improvements come in the form of the SingStore that will you to view users’ videos in the community galleries directly from any track, and move to the corresponding SongPack from any song you select.

And don’t forget that also included in the update will be the Online Battle mode. We hope these features are enough to keep you happy with SingStore!