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Sony confirms 3D launch games

Submitted by on Thursday, 15 April 2010No Comment

Sony has confirmed that it is set to release its 3D TV range this June – which will coincide nicely with the World Cup and the twenty five games that will be filmed and broadcast in 3D.

Early adopters will be getting some nice goodies to go with their shiny new TV – if you have a PS3 that is.

The news pretty much confirms the rumours that had been flying about of the PS3’s 3D firmware update taking place in June.

If you buy a brand new 3D TV Sony will be giving you free 3D Blu-ray movies and 3D PS3 games.  The games will be stereoscopic 3D and released via the PlayStation Network.

The list is as follows;

  • Wipeout HD: full 3D game (not including WipEout HD Fury)
  • PAIN: 3 x 3D episodes + 1 x 2D tutorial
  • Super Stardust HD: full 3D game (not including DLC)
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift: single level 3D demo

So a mixture of demos and full games – but perfect for showing off your new telly.  The free Blu-ray movies are as follows;

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
  • Deep Sea

We should stress that if you are planning on buying one of Sony’s 3D TVs, please check which TVs have these free bundles – as it will only come with certain sets.

All this new technology won’t be cheap though.  A quick scout around the UK Sony online shop uncovers prices ranging from £2500 up to £3500.

We’ve smashed open the Team Attitude vault to see how much saving we have to do – only £2495 left to go!