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New Splatterhouse trailer shows a ballet of brutality

Submitted by on Monday, 19 April 2010One Comment

A new trailer has emerged for Namco’s smash-em-up, Splatterhouse – featuring a combination of blood, head smashing and opera.  Wait – what?

A re-imagining of 1988s arcade beat-em-up, Splatterhouse sees you play as Rick Taylor – a college kid with muscles in places we didn’t even realise existed.

Using the power from his ‘Terror Mask’, he’s on the rampage in search of his missing girlfriend.

OK so the story sounds a bit cliché, but rumour is the plot’s been penned by comic book author Gordon Rennie and the artwork has been done by Marvel contributor Dave Wilkins.

Have a look at the trailer below – but only if you’re aged 18 and above;

Whilst we certainly aren’t expecting a game of the year contender, it does looks like pure, mindless stress release – and we can’t wait to kick some butt when it’s released later this year.